At FIN – Funky Interior, we are proud to offer a curated selection of vintage Saarinen pieces, allowing you to bring a touch of his visionary design into you own space.
Each piece carries with it the legacy of a true design pioneer, embodying the spirit of innovation and elegance that defined Eero Saarinen’s remarkable career.

"Always design a thing considering it in its larger context."

Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen, the visionary designer of the mid-20th century, left an indelible mark on the world of furniture design. With a keen eye for innovation and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional aesthetics, Saarinen's creations continue to stand as timeless icons of design.

Beyond furniture, Saarinen's architectural achievements are equally remarkable. He is celebrated for designing the TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport in New York, a masterpiece of modernist architecture that seamlessly blends form and function.
Saarinen's contributions to the world of design were not limited to his own creations. He was a firm believer in collaboration and worked closely with craftsmen and manufacturers to bring his designs to life. This collaborative spirit resulted in furniture that seamlessly merged artistic vision with practicality, making his pieces not only beautiful but also functional.

Today, Eero Saarinen's furniture designs continue to be highly sought after by collectors, design enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the beauty of mid-century modern aesthetics. His ability to capture the essence of an era and translate it into timeless pieces is a testament to his genius.