Our pop-up window - Vismarkt 9 - center of Leuven - September 2023 edition

Every month we build a showcase with beautiful items & art from our showroom. All items on display are for sale

FIN - Funky Interior on TV

Hilde sold a unique artwork of Allen Jones to the experts of 'Stukken van Mensen' Play 4 - March 22nd 2022, episode 7 

FIN - Funky Interior on TV

Our youngest son, Atse Mommens, sold a set of unique barstools in 'Stukken van Mensen' Play4 - March 8th 2022, episode 5

Visit us in our showroom (230m2) to see more design items & art pieces

Waversebaan 164 - 3001 Heverlee - see the map below